Discover the Enchanting Valle de Guadalupe: Unveiling Baja Vino’s 3 Boutique Winery Tour


Nestled in the heart of Baja California, the captivating Valle de Guadalupe beckons wine enthusiasts from around the world with its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and exceptional wines. Baja Vino invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through this renowned wine region with their exclusive 3 Boutique Winery Tour with Lunch. Get ready to immerse yourself in the essence of Valle de Guadalupe and indulge in an extraordinary wine experience.

Valle de Guadalupe Tour

Unveiling the Enchanting Valle de Guadalupe:

Valle de Guadalupe has become a mecca for wine lovers, offering a unique blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance. This picturesque valley, with its sun-drenched vineyards and rolling hills, provides the perfect backdrop for a wine tour like no other. Baja Vino’s expertly curated tour will take you on a voyage of discovery, showcasing the region’s hidden gems and revealing the secrets behind its world-class wines.

The Perfect Option:

Baja Vino’s 3 Boutique Winery Tour with Lunch: Baja Vino’s 3 Boutique Winery Tour with Lunch is the ideal way to explore the enchanting Valle de Guadalupe. This carefully crafted experience combines the best of Baja’s boutique wineries with a delightful culinary journey, offering a comprehensive and immersive wine tour like no other.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Convenient Pick-up: Baja Vino understands the importance of convenience for their guests. They offer pick-up services from anywhere in northern Baja California. For those coming from San Diego, please note that pick-ups are not available in California. However, Baja Vino has successfully accommodated guests by arranging pick-ups in Tijuana after they have walked across the border. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free start to your wine tour experience.
  2. Boutique Winery Visits: You’ll visit three hand-picked boutique wineries, each representing the essence of Valle de Guadalupe. From family-owned establishments to avant-garde wineries, you’ll have the opportunity to meet passionate winemakers and gain insight into their craft. Learn about the winemaking process, from vine to bottle, and discover the unique techniques and philosophies that make each winery special.
  3. Tastings of Exceptional Wines: Indulge your palate with tastings of the region’s most exceptional wines. From crisp whites to robust reds, each winery will offer a selection of their finest vintages for you to sample. Let the flavors transport you to the sun-kissed vineyards of Baja as you savor the unique characteristics and terroir-driven profiles of these remarkable wines.
  4. Delectable Lunch Experience: As part of the tour, Baja Vino has curated a mouthwatering lunch experience that perfectly complements the wines you’ll taste throughout the day. The menu showcases the flavors of Baja California, using locally sourced ingredients to create a culinary delight that highlights the region’s gastronomic richness. Enjoy the meal in the picturesque setting of one of the wineries, surrounded by vineyards and the beauty of Valle de Guadalupe.


Embark on a remarkable journey through the enchanting Valle de Guadalupe with Baja Vino’s 3 Boutique Winery Tour with Lunch. Explore the hidden treasures of this renowned wine region, meet passionate winemakers, and indulge in exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of Baja California. Experience the magic of Valle de Guadalupe, where breathtaking landscapes, exceptional wines, and culinary delights converge to create an unforgettable experience.

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