AlXimia Winery is a very unique and completely different winery than what you will find anywhere else in the world. Started by a mathematician turned winemaker, this amazing winery was built by an innovative architect, the mathematician-winemaker and his astronomer father. It’s a 3 story round building that has been called “the flying saucer that landed in the Valle de Guadalupe”, the “Cathedral of Wine”, or “a sculpture disguised as a winery”.

The project defines the winery as a showcase for the regional viticulture and winemaking process, so as to promote a wine-related culture, environmental conservation, the reuse of the scarce water, and the use of alternative energies within the production process, carefully trying to minimize their environmental impact.

The circular structure of the building gives fluidity to the process and at the same time showcases the winemaking process. From the second floor tasting room, visitors can observe the whole winemaking process: the vineyard, then see how the grapes come to the top floor for selection and de-stemming, and how they travel by gravity to the 2 floors below for fermentation, aging in French oak barrels and bottling. 

Even if you’re not going for the wine, the architecture is well worth the stop.  This along with their excellent wine make Alximia a Baja Vino favorite.

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