Cava Maciel

Now there are wineries that make you feel like you’re at a business and then there are wineries like this that make you feel like you’re at home. Cava Maciel is the king of boutique mom and pop wineries. The name of the winery comes from the family surname “Maciel”.

Owner/wine-maker Jorge Maciel was born and raised locally in Ensenada. He started making wine in the year 2000 and his experience shows through his amazing line of wines. Currently as of 2018, Jorge is producing 3200 cases annually and as his wines become more popular throughout Mexico we can expect this production to slowly climb year after year.

Cava Maciel is located within the Las Lomas area of Valle de Guadalupe and can be said to be “off the grid”. Although not more than 10 minutes from nearby wineries, this place gives you a unique view of rolling hillsides that no other winery can offer. Oh and if you look close you can see a sliver of the ocean in the horizon.

What started out as a basement hobby for a local boy of Ensenada, has now become a production that not only showcases some of the best wine in Valle de Guadalupe but also a sign of passion that can be felt in every detail throughout the winery. For these reasons we highly recommend that you go and visit Cava Maciel!

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