Clos de Tres Cantos

A Valle de Guadalupe must see! Clos De Tres Cantos is another masterpiece designed by architect Alejandro D’Acosta.  From recycled furniture with a concrete make over to walls built from used wine bottles.  This place is an artists dream.  Over 90% of all the materials used to build the winery are reclaimed from the region.  The interior of the cellar is lit naturally as the sunlight passes through wine bottles filled with water and alcohol to further enhance the brightness. Everything from the presentation of the philosophy of the winery to the wine itself it’s absolutely amazing!  Clos de Tres Cantos is easy to spot from Highway 3 heading north on the right hand side you will spot pyramids up on the hill.  We recommend all visitors to the Valle de Guadalupe region to stop by Clos de Tres Cantos to check out the amazing architecture.  

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