Decantos Vinícola

Decantos Vinícola is owned by the Granados family, who are locals of nearby Ensenada. They finished the construction in August of 2015 and have since been one of Valle de Guadalupe’s best attractions.

Brothers Alonso and Alejandro can be seen daily at the winery. Alonso being the wine-maker and Alejandro the man of hospitality and keeping everyone with a smile on their face.

This winery is unique in that it does not use any pumps and relies on gravity as a way of transferring wine from the tank to the barrel. They have also patented a new way of exporting wine from the barrel by including a valve in the bottom. These techniques are what give the winery the name Decantos or decantation in English.

The winery can be found at the far end of the same dirt road which leads you to other popular wineries Adobe Guadalupe and Baron Balche. So it’s in a great location for a full day of wine tasting and they stay open longer then just about every winery in the region, making this a great last stop. They are also open 7 days a week which we have found to be another huge advantage over other wineries.

If you’re looking for a place to sit back and relax with friends while sampling some of the valley’s best wine then Decantos Vinícola is your place to be!

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