JC Bravo

JC Bravo is a classic boutique winery located in Valle de Guadalupe.

Family owned and operated

When we say family operated we really mean it.  Here you will not find a non member of the family working at this boutique winery.  JC are the initials for Juan Carlos, who is the father and the head of the operation.  He learned to make wine in the local “La Escuelita” training school taught by the infamous Hugo DaCosta.  His daughters Karla and Alejandra run the tasting room.  While his sons focus more on the wine making production.

Their Wines

At JC Bravo you will find that their main focus is on 2 particular varietals.  Palomino and Carignan.  Many are unfamiliar with the varietal Palomino.  Although commonly used to make sherry, at this winery it is used to produce a white wine. Its origin is Southwest Spain, particularly Andalucia but it has adapted very well here in Valle de Guadalupe.  We enjoy pairing this wine with Oysters with lime vinaigrette for that perfect balance.

Carignan is the biggest production here at JC Bravo.  This grape is used at several wineries in the area but few make wine with 100% carignan as found here.  They serve this grape as both a rose and as an aged red.  You will be able to find vintages back to as far as 2011 for sale at the winery.

What sets them apart from other wineries

You will not find a more mom and pop styled winery in the region.  Their wines are all unique and fantastic.  The architecture of the tasting room is very cozy and rustic.  The cellar below the tasting area is beautiful and they always offer to show you around all areas of the wine making process.  There vineyard is not located on site but is just a few blocks away.  Also their vineyard is one of the few 100% dry farmed vineyards of the region.  Their vines have over 50 years planted into the soil which allows them to collect water from aquifers year round.  Even in dry seasons.


Ask about their marmalades.  They grow all their own fruit and make fantastic marmalades in flavors of orange, guava, and quince.

Let us take you!

JC Bravo is a winery that we enjoy taking visitors during our wine tours of Valle de Guadalupe.  We prefer smaller mom and pop wineries over large commercial ones.  Which makes this winery a perfect choice for our tours.


You can find JC Bravo on instagram.


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