Villa Montefiori

Mexican wines with an Italian heart.  Owner Paulo moved to Mexico to lead an important winery in Aguascalientes.  In 1997 after several years developing the company he decided to move to Valle de Guadalupe, buying 38 hectares of land and founded Villa Montefiori.  Today you will find one of the regions most beautiful wineries.  From the outside you will see a large wooden deck perched over a beautiful grape field.  Down below the tasting room you will find a cellar carved in granite 7 meters deep to maintain the required temperature and humidity. The wine is refined in barrels and French oak barrels with periods ranging from 8-18 months depending on the finished product. Then a palate expert decides when the precious liquid is ready for the final step of bottling before released to the market.  With great quality comes high demand.  Villa Montefiori uses technology that is capable of producing 1,200 bottles per hour.  We highly recommend visiting Paolo’s amazing winery during your next visit to the valley.

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